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Ken's Roofing and Solar Construction is a premier solar panel installer in Texarkana, TX. We work with Tesla 400w and Q-Peak 355w solar panels, providing homeowners with the clean and affordable energy solutions they need to lower their effect on the environment. Our company can install roof and ground solar panel systems to accommodate the needs of any client who wants to go green.

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Choose a solar panel system that suits your needs

Here at Ken's Roofing and Solar Construction, we can install ground solar panels and roof solar panels. Each option offers unique benefits that you can enjoy. For instance, ground solar panels are easy to access, stay at cooler temperatures and can be cleaned without a hitch. Meanwhile, roof solar panels are more affordable, can be installed faster and make great use of your space.

You'll appreciate that we offer a 25-year production plan with all of our solar panel systems. Contact us right away to arrange for solar roofing services in the Texarkana, TX area.

Why switch to solar?

There are many amazing reasons to get solar panel installation services in Texarkana, TX or surrounding areas. Installing a modern solar panel system will...

  • Keep your home powered during blackouts
  • Combat greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase your property value
  • Lower your energy bill

It's a win-win scenario when both you and the environment come out on top. Get started today when you reach out to schedule solar roofing services.

Space Isn't an Issue for Our Solar Panel Installers

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